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How to Eliminate Mouth Odor Naturally

Bad breath can result in less percya we ourselves in the mix, and therefore it is important that dental care is not perforated and does not smell. Her teeth may cause odor are: Thrush, Sore Throat, Less Eating and much more. But do not worry, here I will review the ways to eliminate bad breath naturally and easy course. Please Noteworthy.

1. Routine Brushing Teeth
One way to naturally eliminate bad breath is to brush their teeth. Do brushing teeth in a good way, berfluor toothpaste is also recommended that a more optimal result.

2. Avoiding cigarettes and alcohol
Cigarettes and alcohol are the cause of bad breath, so avoid both. Reduce sweets also needs to be done to prevent cavities which can have an impact on the emergence of bad breath.

3. Diet
Avoid diets that force us not to consume food, the diet can cause the appearance of bad breath.

4. Increase vitamin C
Foods that contain a lot of vitamin C is a natural deterrent of bad breath. For example, apples, jicama, carrots. Try to multiply the consumption of vegetables and fruit - fruit.

5. Water
In addition to preventing the onset of oil on the face, turns drinking water can reduce bad breath excessive

6. Cheese
Consuming cheese is very good for our digestion can affect the smell of the mouth. It turns out that the content of calcium, phosphate, carbohydrates useful in the fight against oral bacteria.

How to Treat Toothache Naturally

Teeth are the most important tool in chewing and softening food. Therefore we must take care of our teeth to make it look clean and no holes. By keeping your teeth healthy so that we can consume food that we like. It is therefore important that dental care especially in adolescence. The following methods and overcome to trat Naturally toothache.

1. Gum Distance
The trick, gum drops on a clean cotton distance, then put on the cavities. Allow a few minutes, then wash by way of rinsing with warm water.

2. Ice Cubes
     Ice Stone can help overcome toothache though cuman while. The trick grab Ice Cubes and place it on the plastic. After the paste on the aching tooth. Wait up to 10 minutes.

3. Leaf Clove
Clove leaf is usually used first people to treat toothache, this tradition may be hereditary. The trick, wash some pimento leaves, brewed with boiling water, then crushed. Juicing with a tissue or cloth. Moisten a cotton swab with liquid, paste to the affected cavities.

4. The Using Chile Rawit
Cayenne can also be said for pain relief cavities, do you live alone cayenne pepper dissolved in hot water, then dip the cotton taste, and use cotton to cover the cavities.

How a Healthy Diet Natural And Fast

Having a slim body is a dream for everyone, especially women, because of the slim body can add to their self-confidence. However, those of you who are overweight, certainly not confident. Do not be afraid, because here I will review how to diet naturally, easy, healthy and fast. Surely not use drugs that can cause harm or risk to your body. Eating and drinking on a regular basis can also streamline your weight. Here are natural ways to lose weight naturally and fast:

1. Eating Foods Containing High Protein
     Of course, the type of food that is rich in high protein may indirectly nourish our bodies and can health your body. High protein foods eg meat, nuts, eggs, milk and much more.

2. Avoid calorie diet
     Eating high calorie foods do not cause high-calorie foods will be very difficult to burn fat

3. Moderation Sports
      Regular exercise 3 times a week. Exercise can burn fat in our body.

4. Subtract Eat You
     Reduce food that you eat every day. if you eat 5 times a day, then eat 4 times a day. Ideally eat 3 times a day.

It is probably the best and shortest way I say. You should try it in a week and weigh your weight

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